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A brief introduction about commonly used product package

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Here we would like to briefly introduce commonly used product package.

  1. Poly bag

It is the simplest packaging, each pc in a poly bag. And black printing can be made on the poly bag. Like warnings and company brand or logo.

2. Hang tag / color tag

It is made of paper and can be made with color printing.


3. Tied card / back card

A card is tied on the back of product. There are different type of paper can be chosen.


4. Blister card

It refers to the surface heating of blister shells on the surface of paper cards with blister oil, which is characterized by the need for blister sealing equipment to encapsulate products between paper cards and blister shells.


5. Color box / custom box

It's a folding carton made of two kinds of materials, cardboard and tiny corrugated cardboard, and tiny corrugated box.The surface of box can be made with color printing of CMYK.

6.Display box

It is a kind of packaging that can visually see products in the package. All the packaging boxes that display the function of commodities are called display boxes.