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A brief introduction of FSC forest certification

- Jun 01, 2018 -

FSC forest certification, also called timber certification, is a tool that uses market mechanisms to promote sustainable forest management and achieve ecological, social, and economic goals. FSC forest certification includes forest management certification and chain of custody certification

The certification of forest management, also known as the Forest Sustainable Management Certification or FSC Forest Certification, is for forest management entities.

 The independent third-party FSC forest certification agency shall, in accordance with the established forest management standards, follow recognized principles and standards. Forest management performance is reviewed to demonstrate the process of meeting the requirements for sustainable operations. Chain-of-Custody certification is the identification of various chains of wood processing companies, including the transportation, processing and distribution of logs, to ensure that the final products are derived from certified, well-managed forests. After certification, the company has the right to mark the name and trademark of the certification system on its product, that is, the label of the forest product certification.