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Difference between PP and PS material

- Apr 10, 2018 -

PP, polypropylene, commonly known as "100 fold glue", is a semi transparent, semi crystalline thermoplastics.

PS, polystyrene, the English name is Polystyrene, environmental protection is non-toxic, plasticity is very good, toughness is bad, fragile.

How to distinguish between PP and PS materials?

One, voice difference: PS material is hard, so the sound of knocking is more crisp. PP material has good toughness and hardness, so the voice is rather dull.

Two, the difference of appearance: PS can be very penetrating, PP is the most high permeable, but it still looks like paste, like the feeling of ground glass.

Three, the difference between texture: PP is good toughness, while PS is rigid, and the feeling of hand is PP relative to PS soft.

In general, the same thickness of PP, PS products, transparency: ps > pp, hardness: ps > pp, toughness: pp > ps.