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What is ABS plating

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Because ABS is not conductive, the metal alloy can not be directly electroplated on its surface, and the ABS plastic will form a layer of precious metal film on the surface of the product after the process of roughening and sensitization reduction and accelerating the solution. Thus the reduction reaction of electroless plating is accelerated. The degree of reaction is made more smoothly.

ABS electroplating is to enhance the gloss and beauty of the products produced by injection molding of ABS raw materials by electroplating process and adding a layer of electroplated coating on the surface. ABS and stainless steel can be plated with water and vacuum. ABS water plating, it must be electroplating grade ABS material. The general choice of stainless steel for vacuum plating is PVD.

The process of electroplating is as follows: oil removal - water washing - coarse - water washing - tap water washing - deionized water washing - activation and water washing - chemical copper plating - water washing - electroplating - water washing and drying.

Utensil with ABS plating handle