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What is tranfer printing

- May 11, 2018 -

Transfer printing is a kind of silkscreen printing. Transfer printing can print curved surfaces and of course can also print flat surfaces. The silkscreen printing we generally refer to refers to flat screen printing. Transfer printing is the corrosion pattern on the steel plate, then transferred to the substrate by the plastic head, printing advantages, suitable for size products, and a variety of strange shaped products, disadvantages, no feel, thin ink layer

Features of transfer printing are as follows: 

1. Suitable for curved surface printing, flexible silicone rubber tranfer printing head for the second, three times the surface, concave and convex surface and other complex shape of the substrate can be printed.

2. Can print more fine graphics, generally can print thin lines of 0.05mm.

3. The printing is stable and continuous, the technology is printed for a long time, the printing accuracy will not be changed4, the drying process is omitted, and continuous multi-color printing is possible.

4. Wide range of printing, can accurately print monochrome, double-color or color pictures on any irregular surface on plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, leather, bakelite and other material products, and can also perform soft contact printing. Can print on soft items and fragile and fragile items.

Tranfer printing logo is mostly used on the part of products with silicone, nylon, -plastic and rubber.