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What is walnut wood?

- Nov 30, 2018 -

Walnut is a kind of high quality wood, mainly produced in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Domestic walnut, lighter color. Black walnut is light black-brown and purple with beautiful large parabolic pattern on the chord section.

Walnut sapwood is milky white, heartwood from light brown to dark chocolate, occasionally purple and dark stripes. It can be supplied with sheets with deep sapwood after steam treatment or without steam treatment. Tree pattern is usually straight, sometimes wavy or curly, forming a pleasant decorative pattern.

Processing characteristics

Walnut is easily processed by hand and mechanical tools. Suitable for nailing, screw drilling and cementing. It can retain paint and dyeing for a long time, and can be polished.

Special final effect. Drying is very slow, so care should be taken to avoid reducing the loss after drying in the kiln. Walnut has good dimensional stability, not easy to deform, is the first-class material for furniture.

Walnut is widely used on cutting board, handle of kitchen utensils and handle of measuring cups and spoons.