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Why doesn't stainless steel kitchen utensils require chromium?

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Qualified stainless steel products must not only contain chromium, but must also contain sufficient chromium. The chromium content of stainless steel products must usually reach 13% or more to avoid rust corrosion. The reason why poor quality stainless steel kitchen utensils are prone to rust is precisely because their chromium content is not up to the standard and it affects the corrosion resistance. The chromium, which should have protective effects, will migrate into food and become a health hazard. Therefore, to avoid chromium poisoning caused by stainless steel kitchen utensils, you must first ensure the stainless steel quality of the kitchen utensils. Second, if you encounter stainless steel kitchen utensils that are prone to rust, use less.

According to the quality inspection department, stainless steel kitchen utensils should avoid prolonged exposure to acids and alkalis; do not use stainless steel kitchen utensils to deter Chinese herbs to prevent stainless steel from reacting with alkaloids and organic acids in traditional Chinese medicine under heating conditions to dissolve chromium; stainless steel When the kitchenware is deformed or the surface is worn and roughened, it should be replaced in time.