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Gas Burner Cooking Instructions

- Mar 14, 2018 -

1. Fuel: Liquefied petroleum gas, pipeline gas and natural gas.

2, the power supply voltage: 220 volts.

3, operating procedures:

a. Ignition, first open the ignition rod valve, put the ignition in the ignition bowl, and then slowly open the steamer valve, give a small amount of gas, then turn on the fan switch, gradually adjust the air volume, the burner flame is blue The best color.

b. Flameout: Close the air valve first, then close the fan and close the damper.

4, note:

a. When firing, the head of the operator must face the furnace door to prevent improper operation, the gas in the furnace is too large, and the fire is emitted from the furnace door during ignition, causing the operator to burn.

b. If the fire is extinguished when the air volume is too high during ignition, it must be 2-3 minutes until the remaining gas in the furnace is released and then ignited.