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International Marathon Competition Held On Sunday

- Nov 30, 2018 -

This Sunday, the Hailing Island International Marathon Competition in Yangjiang City will start at 8 a.m. in Hailing Island, a national 5A scenic spot. More than 10,000 marathoners will compete in this competition.

Marathon is a very popular long distance race in the world. The distance is 26 miles 385 yards, equivalent to 42.195 kilometers. There are three kinds of marathons: full marathon, half marathon and quarter marathon. The whole marathon race is the most popular. Generally speaking, marathon refers to the whole marathon.

Benefits of marathons

1. Good for health

From the point of view of scientific research, regular long-distance running can improve the cardiovascular health of the human body and reduce the various diseases that the body can cause.

2. Releasable pressure

Nowadays, people often encounter tremendous pressure in life and work. If they do not release the pressure in their hearts in time, they will probably make their personality more gloomy and irritable. If they are serious, they may also cause diseases.

3. Enhance willpower

Secondly, marathon can also enhance the human body's willpower. Generally speaking, many people are very difficult to complete a marathon, because to complete the marathon, not only to cultivate good physical quality, but also need a very strong psychological will.