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President Xi Met President Of The World Economic Forum

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Xinhua news agency of Beijing on April, 16th (reporter Hou Lijun) reported that President Xi met with Schwab, chairman of the world economic forum in the Great Hall of the people 16.

Xi Jinping pointed out that at present, the world economy has seen some positive trends, but many problems have not been fundamentally solved. I pointed out in Davos last year that the three fundamental contradictions of global growth, such as lack of global growth momentum, lagging behind of global economic governance and global development imbalance, are still outstanding. Recently, the trend of anti globalization and the warming of protectionism aggravated the risks and uncertainties in the world economy. The fourth industrial revolution is in the ascendant, but it also involves many risks and challenges.

As a responsible big country, China is willing to cooperate with the international community, cooperate in the open and win cooperation with cooperation, play an active role in bringing bright, stable and beautiful prospects to the world and make more constructive contributions.

Xi Jinping said that China's cooperation with the world economic forum is almost synchronous with China's reform and opening up process. The two sides must keep pace with the times, strengthen cooperation and make joint efforts to find new impetus for world economic growth and find realistic solutions for global challenges.