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Sino-Japanese Economic And Trade Cooperation Improves

- May 29, 2018 -

On May 29th, the Japanese Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House jointly issued the "Japan Economic Blue Book: Research Report on Japan's Economy and China-Japan Economic and Trade Relations (2018)".

The Blue Book states that at present, both the Chinese and Japanese governments are making efforts to improve the investment environment. The process of China’s reform and opening up will continue to deepen the bilateral economic and trade, infrastructure, equipment manufacturing, high-tech, new energy, and financial services. Cooperation in the field provides a steady stream of momentum. China and Japan are both important economic and trade partners, and development and cooperation are in the interests of both parties. The two sides should seize the rare opportunity in the new era, give full play to their respective advantages, and push forward the cooperation in the following areas.

First, continue to promote pragmatic cooperation such as energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy.

Second, expand cooperation in the modern service industry.

Third, we must work together to promote new industry cooperation and local exchanges.

Fourth, promote the cooperation between smart agriculture and modern logistics.

Fifth, encourage two-way investment by enterprises and work together to open up third-party markets.

Sixth, strengthen regional and multilateral economic cooperation.

In 2018, the two sides should strengthen their sense of responsibility, effectively implement the positioning of the two countries as mutual partners and pose no threat to each other, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties, further enhance the level of economic and trade cooperation, and continuously improve and advance Sino-Japanese relations. Build a solid foundation to achieve peace, friendship and common prosperity between China and Japan and make new contributions to world peace and development.