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The First Indicator Shows That China's Economy Is In Good Start

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Xinhua news agency of Beijing, April (Reported-Chen Weiwei) 8 (reporter Chen Weiwei) National Bureau of statistics, service industry department in charge of 8, said, as the first indicator of the purchasing manager index (PMI) showed that the first quarter of this year, China's economy continued to maintain steady progress, steady development trend, and is expected to be good, to support the favorable economic development of the quality of the article Constantly accumulating and increasing the number of pieces will lay a good start for the steady and healthy development of the economy throughout the year.

Since this year, the PMI, the non manufacturing business activity index and the comprehensive PMI output index have continued to be in the prosperity interval, showing that the production and operation of the enterprises are in good condition and continue to expand steadily.

Statistics show that from 1 to March this year, manufacturing PMI index was 51.3%, 50.3% and 51.5% respectively, and 20 months in the period of more than 50%. The manufacturing industry showed a steady and rising trend. The non manufacturing business activity index was 55.3%, 54.4% and 54.6% respectively, and was stable at higher than 54% for 7 months for 7 months, and the service industry was guaranteed. The overall PMI output index was 54.6%, 52.9% and 54% respectively, at a high level of prosperity, and the overall production and operation of the real economy expanded steadily and quickly.

From the perspective of PMI structure, the quality of industrial structure is upgrading, and the quality of supply continues to improve. In March, the PMI of the equipment manufacturing industry, the high-tech manufacturing industry and the consumer goods manufacturing industry were respectively 0.7, 1.7 and 1.6 percentage points higher than that of the manufacturing industry, indicating that the new kinetic energy was accelerated and the manufacturing industry continued to move towards the high end. From the perspective of non manufacturing industries, producer services and logistics industry are growing rapidly, effectively supporting the sustained and stable development of the real economy.

"From the trend of change, the three big indexes are picking up obviously, and the development trend is expected to improve. At the next stage, the person in charge said, we should adhere to the general tone of work steadily and consolidate the economy to a good foundation. At the same time, we should stand in the perspective of the long period of economy and the optimization and upgrading of the structure, deepen the reform and innovation, deepen the vitality with the reform, drive the dynamic energy by innovation, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the economic development, and urge the country to promote the country. The national economy has been continuously improving to achieve long-term, stable and healthy development of the economy.