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The Summit Forum Will Provide An Excellent Stage For Multilateral Cooperation

- Aug 10, 2018 -

China Daily News, May 13th (Reporter Tian Ameng) From May 14th to 15th, the “One Belt, One Road” International Cooperation Summit will be grandly opened in Beijing. On the eve of the opening of the forum, Jean-Jacques de Dardel, the Swiss ambassador to China, said in an interview with the media that the “One Belt, One Road” International Cooperation Summit provided an opportunity for countries to meet and exchange in a new context. I hope the forum can Bring new and positive momentum.

In the past few decades, Switzerland has been working closely with China and bilateral cooperation has deepened and deepened in different fields. When talking about how the forum will further promote China-Sweden bilateral relations, Dai Shangxian pointed out that when the two countries signed the establishment of innovative strategic partnership in 2016, they also indicated the intention of the two countries to broaden cooperation in the multilateral arena. Mutual understanding of each other's interests and interests in various international organizations is also an important means of enhancing mutual trust; not only that, but also symbolizes mutual trust between the two countries. The “Belt and Road” Summit provides another excellent platform for multilateral cooperation between the two countries, and together with other participating countries to promote mutual exchange and potential cooperation. Therefore, we are convinced that this summit will definitely further enhance our bilateral relations.