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Visit To Indonesia By The Hongkong Chief Executive

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Lin Zhengyuee, chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, departed for a visit to Jakarta, Indonesia, on the evening of 24th. Before she started, she said in Hongkong that the HKSAR Government attaches great importance to the development of bilateral relations between Hongkong and the association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This visit is very important.

Lin Zhengyuee pointed out that the ASEAN strategic position in the national The Belt and Road construction. In the middle of the support, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region will develop in the "The Belt and Road construction" role, and help The Belt and Road "construction and development. Hongkong and ASEAN signed free trade agreements and related investment agreements in November last year, which will be very beneficial to the development of their relations.

In his policy address last year, Lin Zhengyuee proposed the addition of third Hongkong economic and trade offices in ASEAN (Thailand economic and Trade Office). She revealed that the discussions between the Hongkong SAR government and the Thailand government were very good and hoped to set up an economic and Trade Office in Thailand Bangkok as soon as possible.