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Xi Jinping And President Barrera Of Panama Sent A Letter Of Congratulation To Each Other

- Jun 13, 2018 -

Xi Jinping pointed out in his congratulatory letter that in June of last year, China formally established diplomatic relations with Panama and opened a new era of relations between the two countries. Last November, when you successfully made a state visit to China, we discussed and planned the comprehensive development of China Pakistan Relations. 

With the careful nurturing of both sides, the seeds of the development of Sino Pakistani relations are bearing fruit. Facts have proved that the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan is a correct political decision made by both sides. I attach great importance to the development of China Pakistan Relations and wish to work with you to strengthen mutual benefit and cooperation in all fields in the light of the principle of mutual respect, win-win cooperation and common development, so that China Pakistan Relations will flourish and benefit the two countries and the people of the two countries.

In his congratulatory letter, Barrera said that over the past year, Bazhong has reached an important consensus on the basis of traditional friendship and existing cooperation and achieved fruitful results. Against this background, the two sides welcomed the historic moment of 1st anniversary of diplomatic relations. I am very proud of my initial participation in the opening of Bazhong relations and will continue to work enthusiastically to strengthen Bazhong relations in the most extensive areas.